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1. Narrow the wealth between the top and bottom 10% of all household incomes.

The middle-income classes of our society collectively have over $2.7 trillion of wealth. Most of us did not have a dad or grandfather with a CPA/CFA/CFP/MBA.  Access to financial advisors, stockbrokers, and financial education is not seamless nor universal. We need more of the “service” in financial services to UNLOCK and ACTIVATE our capital. Our goal is to re-allocate these “closed door” privileges to a wider audience.

2. Enrich, empower, and enable the larger world population, “the 99%”, to be active investors.

Brokerage firms can be very intimidating, illusive, and expensive. We aim to break this psychological barrier. At Green Oak Club, we provide an easier gateway to information AND access to the right tools for achieving long-term financial goals

Our goal is for you to focus on keeping a routine of investing money and not disposing of it (via Amazon, Walmart, etc.).


As a member of the Green Oak you are part of a family. We educate and empower each other to be active investors at any age or stage of life. We are a nationwide organization but with a very local feel.

A few of our solutions:

»  Easy, fast, and user-friendly accounts w/ access to unique high performing investment funds

»  Access to local community investments enabling and empowering entrepreneurialism (TBD).

»  Free financial literacy courses online and in person (TBD)

»  Simple and practical financial planning (pay for kids college, new car, home, etc.)

»  5-10% discounts at local businesses in your neighborhood

»  Exclusive invites to our networking events

»  Exclusive invites to our keynote speaking events

»  Small Business Counseling

»  Many other perks that change to fit the demand of our members



Our mission is to flatten the wealth gap.  At Green Oak, we are lifting the smaller boats!

Next: A Conversation on Race

Those who identify as White American’s invest assets at 2x the rate of Black and Hispanic Americans

The data tells the story of how access to financial literacy, experienced advisors, and sound investible products continues to cause an increasing wealth gap between races in our society. 

Our mission is to slow the divide.  “Equity for Inequity”

The “People of Color” (POC) middle classes of our society represent over $2.7 trillion of investable capital that is mostly not active.  In many cases it is spent or disposed. 

This represents a large opportunity for GreenOak to close this gap

More information? Contact admin@greenoakclub.com

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