Privacy & Account Security


Account Security and Protections:
SIPC Insurance (via Interactive Brokers custodian)

We use Interactive Brokers as our account custodian. Interactive Brokers holds a broker ranking #1 nationally as the best online broker for four years in a row by Barron’s in 2021. Interactive Brokers is a firm w/ $9 billion in consolidated equity capital and protected by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) for a maximum coverage of $500,000 (with a cash sublimit of $250,000) and under Interactive Brokers LLC’s excess SIPC policy up to an additional $30 million (with cash sublimit of $900,000).

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Browser Protection
We use on site high-level encryption and firewall to protect users data and content.

Duel-Factor Authentication (Google Single Sign On SSO)
In addition to tightly securing your information via our website, most importantly your funds are secured via a more intense high-level process. Our custodian account with Interactive Brokers provides two-factor authentication. IBKR’s Secure Login System provides and extra layer of security through the use of a physical security device or IBKR Mobile Authentication. Although it provides extra steps when logging into the account, the simple practice of entering a randomly generated security code along with the username and password goes a long way toward protecting your finances.

Privacy policy:

Why We Collect Personal Information:

The personal information we collect is necessary to help us provide informed investment management services to you. The information allows us to serve client financial needs, process account transactions, provide customer service, offer new products or services, and fulfill regulatory and legal requirements.

How We Handle Your Personal Information:

We do not sell, rent or distribute information about current or former clients or their accounts to third parties except as provided in this notice. We only share nonpublic personal information as necessary in the normal course of business, such as to open accounts, satisfy required compliance reviews, and complete transactions in client accounts.

It is always our intent to protect and maintain the integrity of any client information collected or received during the course of the relationship. Green Oak Partners LLC has contractual agreements with third party vendors stipulating the limitations of any information to which they may have access. In short, all non-public client information is kept confidential and is not shared, sold, copied, or disclosed except as stated above.

Green Oak Partners LLC at times will aggregate certain non-personal information and share this information with other firms. If you are a client, or once you become a client, and would like to opt out of having your non-public personal information shared, please call us directly and let us know.

Confidentiality and Security Procedures:

Green Oak Partners LLC emphasizes the importance of confidentiality by training employees, implementing operational procedures, and ensuring only appropriate personnel have access to client information. We maintain electronic and physical safeguards to help protect client non-public personal information.

How You Can Protect Your Information:

If you access your accounts online, you should confirm that the anti-virus software and firewall/spyware protection is current on the computer(s) that you use. Avoid using public computers, such as at a library, internet cafe, or hotel, to access your accounts whenever possible. We also strongly recommend that you select a unique User ID and Password that does not contain any personal information (e.g., SSN, DOB, name, phone number) and is not identical to other passwords you use. An additional best practice is to not provide any of your account information, including online account usernames or passwords, to anyone, especially if you receive the request via email or over the phone by an unfamiliar source. We also suggest that you regularly review the activity on your brokerage statements, particularly withdrawals and transfers. Please contact us immediately if you notice any suspicious or irregular activity relating to your account(s) or if you believe your information has been compromised.

Annual Notification:

As required by federal law, Green Oak Partners LLC provides an annual notification of its client privacy policy to clients. Green Oak Partners LLC reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. We will promptly provide clients an updated copy of this policy if we make material changes.

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